1. First of all I stumbled across Bau Meister architecture magazine. Loving the art direction I had to find who was responsible - Herburg Weiland, a Munich based agency. Take a look for yourselves… good stuff!

    (Source: herburg-weiland.de)

  2. Amazing use of colour by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez in this installation entitled ‘Chromosaturation’. One of eight research projects that explore and reveal the myriad ways in which colour behaves. His work goes beyond the use of light alone, utilizing numerous materials to integrate colour into urban and architectural environments. 

    (Source: cruz-diez.com)

  3. A year long project by Phillip Stearns on Tumblr in which he generates imagery and animations or ‘glitch art’ using intentionally short circuited digital cameras, databent HD video and short circuited scanners. 

    (Source: yearoftheglitch)

  4. New York artist Adam Daily. Acrylic on sintra.

  5. (Source: danielwidrig.com)

  6. The eagerly awaited Herb Lubalin monograph is now available courtesy of Unit Editions. Mine arrived yesterday morning and didn’t disappoint…

    (Source: uniteditions.com)

  7. ISHI. Love it. Lighting, composition and colour. Constantly producing beautiful work.

    (Source: ishistudios.com)

  8. Red House at Red Hill, Victoria, Aus by Melbourne architects INARC. The exterior rusted steel walls contain millions of tiny perforations…

    (Source: inarc.com.au)

  9. The work of swiss born Vera Loewensberg. 1912-1986

  10. The talented Kesler Tran. A new favourite of mine…

    (Source: keslertran.com)

  11. Vector illustration from The Great Grundini.

    (Source: grundini.com)

  12. Stunning…

    Haeckel was a 19th century artist, philosopher and professor who had a deep interest in the natural world. His beautifully detailed illustrations of sea creatures, insects, plants and animals are still hailed as among the best nature illustrations that exist to this day.

  13. Loving Lee Mawdsleys work. Always so clean…

    (Source: leemawdsley.co.uk)

  14. I do love some geometry. Preferably daily.

    (Source: geometrydaily)

  15. Work from the kaleidoscopic Andy Gilmore. ‘A master of color and geometric composition.’

    (Source: crowquills.com)